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Susie C - NY, NY
I couldn’t be a bigger supporter of Natranie and her work. She has the ability to read your body and get to exactly where the pain or release needs to be. She has incredible strong and healing hands and I am so grateful for the work she had done to help me move more freely. She is a 10 out of 10 in my books!!

Lois F - NY, NY
I find Netranie's lymphatic massage extremely helpful in dealing with my asthmatic, sinus and digestive conditions.  Additionally, the process allows for a natural flow and drainage of water causing bloating. This process is very relaxing.  These treatments are a natural process and should be considered a medical alternative to prescription drugs.

Flora A - NY, NY
I have a fractured vertebra that unfortunately healed on itself, before it could be properly fixed. That condition left me in constant pain. I thought I would never again be able to enjoy my long brisk walks in my beloved Central Park. But then I found Netranie and things changed: I resumed my walks in the park and all my activities, from working on the computer, to grocery shopping and cooking. I think Netranie pretty much gave me back the kind of life I used to have. I am now on a maintenance schedule; I see her once a week and I truly enjoy not only her excellent massage technique, but also her friendly personality and ready smile.

Valerie D, New York
When I first met Netraine. I had already had some massages and even tried some self therapy, but to no avail I was still in pain.After I had one session with her, I felt better than ever.. She is wonderful!!!

Joan B, New York
"I have been going to Netranie for more than 10 years and she just gets better and better.  As a massage therapist her commitment to continue her training in order to provide the most comprehensive treatment session possible is impressive.  Her strong following is a testament to her skills.  I've recommended her to many people and, regardless of the issues she needed to address, they were more than satisfied and most of them became long term clients.  I consider it both a therapeutic necessity and a treat to have a session with Netranie and highly recommend her to anyone looking for an experienced professional massage therapist.  She has, without a doubt, made a huge difference in the quality of my life and has maximized my ability to be pain free and remain healthy.

Veronique B, Upstate NY
Netranie is a master masseuse.Her magical hands have reduced stress in my body by 100%. The only negative is that you never want to leave her massage table. I recommend her to young and old alike.She is a true healer in every sense of the word.

Marla A NY, NY
Netranie is incredible.  I have been going to Netranie for years  and am devoted to her. She is trained in different massage styles. Netranie understands what the body needs .. she is my healer! I always recommend.

Grace C, Brooklyn , NY
My chiropractor recommended Netranie to me and now I'm a fan recommending her. She's a fantastic masseuse with the strongest hands I've come across. And I've been to quite a few different masseuses, from luxury spas to chair massages. Netranie knows her way around the body. She always finds my sore spots. She's knowledgeable about all types of massages, the hot stones she uses are heavenly. I have to say she is one of the best. She has even given me exercises to loosen up my neck which has always been my problem area. The Shen center which she works in is so serene. It really complements Netranie's comforting and friendly nature.

Xiaowei S NY, NY
I started massage therapy with Netranie about 7 years ago because of my back problem. Soon after I worked with her at first couple of times, I become “addicted”. First of all, Netranie is very professional and has very special hands. She is also friendly and knowledgeable masseuse. I can discuss with her any concerns about my body. Moreover, she not only knows how to do the common styles of massage, but also has knowledge and abilities to provide many other types of massage. You can feel the immediate effects after her work. After a period of time, my back problems started to disappear. I also like her clinic. It is clean and very organized. At each visit, I walk into a warm environment with aroma that makes me feel very relaxed.

Pamelah A, Virgin Island
I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer June 13, 2013. I had immediately decided to get a double mastectomy. As a massage therapist myself I had a lot of friends suggest to me that I get combination therapy, before, during and after surgeries of myofascial release and lymphatic drainage massage therapy and preferably with the machine, which I believe is called lymphatic decongestion. Fortunately my sister afforded me the chance to come to NYC for the best cancer care at Sloan Kettering. While here I did my research and found Netranie. Not only was she an excellent operator of the lymphatic machine but a great massage therapist. For a massage therapist to find a good massage therapist is not the easiest and to find Netranie was a real stroke of good fortune. I would highly recommend her for her touch, experience, knowledge and kindness. She has a lot of experience and can assist people with all kinds of issues. Part of breast surgery requires the use of drains for the excess fluid build up after surgery. I can only say that between the first surgery all the therapy from Netranie and the second surgery the amount of fluid after the second surgery has diminished monumentally. Thank you Netranie.