Netranie Devanan, LMT, CLDT.

Established in 2004

I graduated in 1998 from the Swedish Institute as a New York State Licensed Massage therapist trained in several massage modalities. I continue to educate myself in massage programs allowing me to offer several styles of massage therapies. My first job was at Excelsior Athletic Health Club where I worked from 1998 – March 2006. My second place of employment was the Office Of Integrative Medicine where I worked from March 2006 – As of Nov. 2010, I have been self employed at Massage by Netranie.

As a massage therapist I work with clients with different symptoms from migraine headaches, neck, shoulder, low back, knee pain, injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, edema, diabetes, myofacial disorders, whiplash, strains and sprains, poor circulation, muscle spasms/tension, sinus issues, sciatica, stroke victims, post surgery, pre- surgery, pregnancy massage, stress issues, stretches, chair massage... some just need to come in and see me to relax or regain a boost of energy. My treatments have helped many of my clients to move to the state of bliss, calmness and wellness to rejuvenate their energy and improve their focus on daily living activities. As we all know each individual carry stress around in their own way. It is the job of a massage therapist to help find the source that causes the pain or problem and help achieve relief with a unique experience.

No matter where you choose to get a massage, I strongly encourage you to inquire about your therapist's background and training. A question to ask of your therapist is about their recent training. It is quite common for therapists to have studied five or ten years ago and never to have taken another course or class in this very complex and dynamic field. Remember to be inquisitive - it's in your own best interest!


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